Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • javadeveloper
    03-28 07:20 PM
    Are you sure that if the employer is not revoking 140, (but they will cancel h1b ) i can join some other employer after receiving EAD.

    Canceling h1b doesn't affect I-485.I am not sure about I-140 part.

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  • ranand00
    06-17 10:51 AM
    My H1B expires on sept 30th 2010.(passport has vaild visa also stamped in it till sept 30th)
    Extension has been applied . If extension is approved say by august, can I go for stamping in august end.Basically how soon can i go for h1b stamping before old stamping expires.
    If there is a problem in stamping can i return on the old visa stamp.

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  • chanduv23
    09-25 04:58 AM
    September 27th is Thursday, please attend the conference call.

    Details available in the State Chapter. Please join the chapter by following the link in my signature

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  • Curious_Techie
    10-17 10:36 AM
    Friends I have a relative who is willing to get his GC via EB-5 Category.
    Anybody who can share there knowledge on this? Recommend a good attorney who is kinda master in this category?

    Appreicate it


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  • dohko
    01-11 08:16 PM
    any thoughts?

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  • micofrost
    07-24 04:12 PM
    I entered US last december 2007 with a visitors visa,allowed me to stay for 6 mos.,last march 2008 I married my fiance who has a H1b visa and is working right now here in the US and last May 2008 I Applied for a change of status from visitors to H4 dependent..Until now the case is pending but right now we had a family crisis back home and I have to go back home asap...what will happen with my application if I go home...Will I still be able to come back here and will I be out of status if I leave my pending application here???

    Make sure you have the copy of the application you filed for change of status while you were here. Or any receipt notice.
    You can come back to US but b4 that you have to stamp a H4 visa at your country's US consulate. All should be fine assuming you had filed Change of Status application b4 expiry of your B2 I-94


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-25 09:29 PM
    Actually, you can file 485 when your PD becomes current, even if the 140 is still pending approval. You need to submit the 140 details alongwith your 484 application.

    Is it possible for someone to post a link to the same. I have tried looking and found nothing.


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  • kanshul
    12-28 09:11 AM
    I would strongly recommend getting her on L1 /L2 or H1 / H4. How? I am not sure and depends on your situation. If she is on F1 she may have problems as F1 is strictly a non immigrant visa and she clearly has immigration intent.

    Also, unless something as unusual as in July 2007 happens, there is a slim chance for you to file her 485.


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  • immi2006
    10-16 09:43 PM
    I know many folks here who have 2 I140 pending from same employer, for same category. One which is current. the other with a newer 140, since u can get 3 year H1 extension

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  • hasil
    06-25 08:06 PM
    You do not require valid visa stamp to go India. If your kids are US citizen, you will need PIO card for them. While travelling back from India, you will be asked for valid Visa or AP to board fight for US from Frankfurt.

    Our visa stamp (H1B/H4) are expired in our passports. We are planning to travel via 'Frankfurt (FRA), Germany' to Mumbai in Lufthansa airlines and we will get our passport .....................


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  • vandanaverdia
    11-14 08:02 PM
    U & I together can make a difference...
    IV needs "YOU"
    Help IV help you...

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  • wos15
    07-29 01:06 PM
    hello, I am in a F1 status for about 3 years, I have been working and filing taxes. I am going to get married to a USC and apply for a green card through it. I want to know if I can have any problem in the aplication since I've been working without authorization. Second in concern to the affidavit support how much should I show and who has to fill these forms since my future wife is unemployed. Third in case my wife file for bankruptcy in the future that could affect me and if it does how can avoid this. By the way I live in florida.

    I hope somebody can help me.


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  • WaitingUnlimited
    01-20 12:51 PM
    I think you should be honest and mention the details correctly.

    Your company needs to file the immigration petition. So mention your company's name.

    Good Luck

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  • Ennada
    09-16 02:49 PM
    My wife is working on EAD and her EAD is expiring begining of next month. New EAD has been applied. Can she work with the EAD renewal receipt if the EAD expires ? What are the possible options ? Pleas help


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  • kondur_007
    08-18 09:58 AM
    Here is my opinion:

    I understand that your wife has now two I 94s: One when she entered on H4 (we will call it OLD) and one when she returned from Mexico with F1 visa stamp (we will call it NEW). And both are attached to her passport.

    First of all, I dont think this is a major deal. You can do one of the two things:

    1. First option is to go to near by international airport and meet CBP officer. Explain him the situation (show him the copy of air ticket to mexico and appointment letter with the consulate); chances are, he will take care of the old I 94 (but make sure to keep a copy for yourself for future reference). And you can forget about the whole thing (just keep copies of old I 94, air ticket, appt letter for future reference if any question arises at any time).

    2. Second option is to nothing about this and just keep the old I94, a copy of it, copies of air ticket and appoinntment letter for your file and close the file until and unless you are asked about it. Chances are, they would have automatically changed the information in their system and you may never be asked about this old I 94. If they do, you can tell them the truth what happened. I dont think it is a major deal.

    I would personally go with option 1 if the nearby international airport is not too far.

    In either case, make sure of one thing: Whenever your wife leaves, she must surrender the new I 94 and not the old one. Best way is, take the old I 94 out of the passport so no confusion arises.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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  • beautifulMind
    11-25 05:36 PM
    The only difference is if you work for the univ on a cap exempt H1b and than transfer to industry on a cap H1b then you would have to go through the lottery or masters quoto whatever applies...however there is a loophole in this and I have read somewhere that when you apply for a transfer for a cap exempt to cap subject USCIS have goofed up and let it go through


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  • gparr
    January 29th, 2005, 06:09 PM
    Unfortunately some of your water is blown out, which is a distraction. I also find the dead stick very distracting in this image of water and lush foliage. I did a little processing and cropping. See if you think it's better.

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  • nid
    06-13 10:15 AM

    What are the other ways to accept the payment other than 1099 for the 2nd job on EAD?

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  • wandmaker
    08-18 08:58 AM
    Hello Gurus,

    Pl guide me and let me know my options for the below scenario...

    1. Me: Applied under EB2 (India) and have I-140 approved in September 2006.
    Status as of now : Applied as dependent (secondary) on my spouse 485 and have EAD and AP since July 2007.

    2. My spouse : Primary applicant - EB3 (India), December 2003.

    As the dates are NOT moving forward for EB3 (India), I want to port our GC application dates from my spouse priority ( EB3- India - December 2003) to mine (EB2 - India - September 2006)

    My question is, Can I change my status from dependent (secondary ) on my spouse 485 to me being primary applicant by invoking my approved I-140 (EB2 - India - September 2006), If YES what would be the process.

    Thanks in advance

    You cant port because it is different labor of two different people. As far as I know, when the EB2 (India - September 2006), labor date is current, you can file another 485 as primary and your spouse as dependent. Optionally, you can choose to withdraw your previous filings. Hope, this helps. Others can throw some light on this.

    09-09 10:42 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    Can we go to local USCIS office and get new I94.Does that resolve the issue.


    04-23 12:21 PM
    You will qualify.
    Issue is getting to Canada and staying there long enough with the high taxes they have average canadian tax burden is 40% (30% tax + 10% additional sales tax on everything you buy) !
    I know how meaningless this "Backup" is after paying almost 50K$ over past few yrs.!

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